Minnesotans for Minnesota is a non-profit, political education organization seeking to increase the knowledge of Minnesota citizens on issues of political and civic importance.

Many people we talk to are fed up with the status quo of bipartisan politics, ineffective government and elite-only participation in government. That said, normal everyday people don’t know how or where to get involved to begin to work for the many changes we so desperately need in our society.

We are non-partisan because education, healthcare, safety and civic engagement are human issues before they are political issues. Minnesota citizens need to be involved more fully in having a voice in decisions that affect our state.

Minnesotans for Minnesota provides the following three strategies to advance a more participatory government. We are in the early stages of work that will center on these three goals:

  1. Citizen Advocacy – We are advocating for increased political understanding and involvement regardless of political leanings. As an example, we created caucus.mn and made it easy for people to find their caucus location in February 2018. This increased participation in Minnesota caucuses.
  2. Education – We will provide educational programming to help citizens understand the political process in order to more fully engage in it.
  3. Support – We will provide information around issues involving government transparency and public data access.

In short, Minnesotans for Minnesota believes every citizen is responsible for taking action in order to ensure our government is leading with integrity and transparency. We help citizens understand the political process at all levels of government, in order to make informed choices about involvement and candidates.